Quottly Solves Institutional and Student Success Challenges with Powerful New Online Dual Enrollment Service

December 9, 2021 — GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Comprehensive and fully-digital dual enrollment solution builds back enrollments for colleges, making higher education more accessible and attractive to high school students

Quottly, the largest and most comprehensive course and program sharing platform, has launched an online dual enrollment solution to open new higher ed opportunities for students and to help colleges rebound from challenges in enrollments. Quottly’s innovative dual enrollment service empowers colleges and universities to solve both institutional and student success challenges and boost post-secondary educational achievement.

This powerful program allows students to easily register for courses on their digital devices, making higher education more accessible, familiar, and attractive to high school students. It also enables districts and states to break down equity and accessibility barriers, ensuring that all students have equal access to earning college credits, without incurring the cost of offering additional classes directly.

“Quottly envisions a future where every student leaves high school with a plan to achieve a post-secondary certificate or degree and has achieved at least one credit towards it, via dual enrollment,” said James Gibson, Chief Technical Officer and Co-founder at Quottly. “We know that dual enrollment is especially effective for introducing first-generation students to college, while simultaneously giving all students access to classes that would otherwise not be available.”

With Quottly’s easy-to-use service, institutions can reverse the declining enrollment trends that have challenged colleges and universities in recent years. They can expand the pool of students who are already on a pathway to earning a certificate or degree when they complete high school, while placing their course offerings in front of students who may not otherwise attend.

Nearly 90 percent of dual credit students continue on to college after high school, according to a state-by-state study from the Community College Research Center. Almost half of former community college dual enrollment students attended a community college immediately after high school, and 84 percent of those students re-enrolled at the college where they had taken dual enrollment courses. Data also shows that dual enrollment improves college transitions, persistence and completion, especially for students traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

“With Quottly, 2-year institutions can build relationships with high-achieving students who might otherwise proceed directly to a four-year college,” said Gibson. “Similarly, colleges with career and technical programs can introduce those programs to students who might otherwise assume college is not for them. It’s a win-win-win for students, higher ed institutions and school districts!”

To learn more about how Quottly can help your institution tackle enrollment challenges, visit https://www.quottlyinc.com/.




About Quottly

Quottly is the largest and most comprehensive course and program sharing platform in higher education today. The platform is a one-stop-shop for student success in registration, transfer equivalency, and program and certificates discovery, allowing for a streamlined pathway to graduation. Quottly’s seamless SIS integration allows students to use our “One-click Registration” function, making the pathway to degree, program and certificate completion faster and more affordable. To learn more, visit https://www.quottlyinc.com/.


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