Interinstitutional Course Sharing

Increase Access and Boost Student Success

During this on-demand webinar, you’ll hear how academic officers at the California Virtual Campus, Idaho State Board of Education, and Montana University System used interinstitutional course and program-sharing to scale offerings and increase student success.

You’ll uncover how course and program sharing helped these institutions to:

  • Increase access to digital courseware
  • Improve retention and graduation rates
  • Increase revenue and decrease costs
  • Automate administrative processes

You will also learn what course and program sharing is, what prompted these institutions to start their initiatives, and the key benefits and economies of scale they realized. And, you’ll take away best practices to consider when launching a similar initiative on your campus.

Meet the Presenters


Executive Director of the California Virtual Campus


Associate Chief Academic Officer for the Idaho State Board of Education


Director of Academics Policy and Research at Montana University System

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