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Cross Registration

Unify the course discovery and enrollment experience across all campuses.

Enable real-time, one-click cross campus registration to help students graduate on-time.

Transfer & Equivalency

Guide students with program and course transferability information.

Automate and streamline course equivalency and articulation approval.


Students can search, discover, and register for transferable classes at institutions of your choice through a centralized, single entry point using their home school SSO authentication.  Once they identify a course meeting their requirements, they can see open sections with real-time seat counts and then register with one-click.


Administrators can create cross-institution, transferable course discovery and one-click registration for new and existing students. They can easily input, update, and search for course equivalencies and inventory across a range of peer institutions.


Multi-SIS integration allows individual campuses in a system or consortium to keep their preferred SIS while supporting real-time data exchange between campuses. This data exchange can include live seat counts, real-time articulation updates and real-time update of registration records when a visiting student registers for a course at a teaching institution.

"Quottly helps remove administrative barriers facing students, allowing us to better meet students’ needs and facilitate degree completion.”

Dr. Gerry Hanley, California State University Long Beach

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