Automate Course Sharing and Cross Enrollment to Help Students Succeed

Quottly Cross Registration enables systems, consortia, and individual institutions to deliver a unified cross-enrollment experience for course sharing programs. With comprehensive course information, transfer equivalencies, real-time seat counts, and one-click enrollment, students can easily find and register for courses that earn transferable credits to meet their degree requirements.

Institutional Innovation

Drive Institutional Innovation

Eliminate barriers to graduation, build new revenue streams, and create efficiencies that reduce costs.

  • Improve retention and completion rates by offering more sections that meet degree requirements
  • Fill empty seats by sharing courses with peer institutions
  • Attract new students by offering more diverse courses that increase equity and access
  • Reduce costs by optimizing instructional resources and automating time-consuming manual processes
Improve Student Success

Improve Student Success

Put power in the hands of students so they can enrich their academic experience and graduate on time.

  • Stay on track and graduate faster by taking transferable classes when they need them
  • Prevent stopouts and dropouts by ensuring that every course credit counts toward transfer and degree completion
  • Expand academic opportunity by pursuing a wider array of courses beyond their home institution

Systems and Consortia

Create your own branded course exchange that supports each institution’s needs.

Individual Institutions

Access the Quottly Network to build new course sharing relationships.

Quottly Cross Registration Puts Your Data to Work for Administrators and Students

Robust Integrations

Robust Integrations
  • Multi-SIS integration provides real-time data and automates enrollment and registration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to manage student access
  • Integrated equivalency data ensures every credit will count toward completion

Flexible Configuration

Flexible Configuration
  • Configurable look and feel preserves your institutional brand
  • Automated workflows build on existing processes and systems
  • Optional public access enables you to attract prospective students

Easy Implementation & Administration

Implementation and Administration
  • Administrative control puts you in charge of how and when courses are shared
  • Real-time reporting facilitates data-driven enrollment management
  • Quick implementation gets you up and running in days, not months

Seamless Student Experience

  • Powerful search and filtering across institutions
  • Comprehensive course and section information
  • Up-to-date course equivalencies
  • Real-time seat counts
  • One-click registration with automated payment processing
Cross Registration Course Detail

“Thank you so much – I feel like Quottly is the sole reason I’ll be graduating this summer.”

— UC Berkeley Student

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