Help Students Plan and Monitor Personal Progress Toward Graduation

Quottly Pathways enables systems, consortia, and individual institutions to provide students a dedicated resource to explore and identify courses, programs, and institutions that interest them. Ensure on-time completion by giving students guided pathways and a personal dashboard to visually evaluate, plan, and monitor progress toward their chosen degree or credential—using up-to-date information and based on their unique interests.

Deliver Guided Pathways & a Personal Planner to Help Students Graduate on Time

  • Easily manage and modify shared programs of study and course schedules across multiple institutions to provide clear paths to completion for students
  • Make pathway updates available to administrators, students, and counselors immediately
  • Make it easy for students to find, choose, and enter a pathway by searching across institutions for programs and courses that interest them
  • Help students stay on track and graduate faster with a personal dashboard to map and monitor progress toward completion.
  • Improve retention and completion rates by enabling counselors to help students navigate their way to completion

Nearly 40%

of students struggle to complete their 4-year degree within six years*

*National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

Quottly Pathways Delivers Degree, Program, & Certificate Planning Across Institutions

Unified Student Experience

  • Search programs and areas of interest across institutions
  • Compare and save degree or program pathways to personal dashboard
  • Add courses taken to personal dashboard and see how their completed courses match the pathway requirements
  • Create multiple pathways to evaluate different programs or different paths to complete a specific program
  • Plan and track current degree progress from personal dashboard
Monitor Progress With Guided Pathways

Integration & Configuration

Robust Integrations
  • Multi-vendor SIS integration provides real-time credential and student data
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to manage student and counselor access
  • Configurable look and feel preserves your institutional brand
  • Public access option enables you to attract prospective students
  • Quick implementation gets you up and running in days, not months

To get the full functionality of Pathways, combine it with the Quottly Programs & Certificates module.

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