Keep Transfer Equivalencies Current & Help Students Graduate on Time

Quottly Transfer Equivalency enables systems, consortia, and institutions to centralize and manage articulation agreements and course change evaluations and approvals, all from an easy-to-use interface. Keep equivalency data up to date and make it accessible to students and counselors, so they can make every transfer credit count.

Make it Easier to Manage Equivalencies and Reduce Transfer Credit Loss

  • Centralize course and articulation information by automating data import from multiple sources
  • Manage articulations more efficiently with a single point of access and an easy-to-use administrative interface
  • Speed up course change evaluation and articulation approval using automated workflows tailored to fit your existing processes
  • Make equivalency updates available to administrators, students, and counselors immediately
  • Improve time to completion and student success by making up-to-date equivalency data accessible, searchable, and actionable¬†for students and counselors

Increase Graduation Rates 2.5X

when 50% or more of credits transfer successfully*

* Monaghan & Attewell

Quottly Transfer Equivalency Delivers a Unified Articulation Management Solution

Transfer Equivalency Side-by-Side Review

Comprehensive Articulation Management

  • Powerful search and filtering make it easy to create or review course equivalencies
  • Side-by-side comparison of course changes, with one-click approval or expiration, simplifies evaluation and editing of articulations
  • Approval interface includes the ability to attach syllabi and notes to equivalencies
  • Audit log of course and articulation history tracks all changes and reviews
  • Administrative control allows you to assign user roles and track approval status at every step
  • Real-time reporting facilitates strategic articulation management

Academic history evaluation allows students to compare course equivalencies at other institutions to minimize transfer credit loss

Integration & Configuration

  • Integrations with multiple student information and curriculum management systems automate data import and eliminate manual entry
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to manage student access
  • Configurable approval workflow can be tailored to each institution and support multiple approval steps
  • Automated notifications of new articulations and course changes speed up the review process
  • Public access option makes equivalency data searchable and actionable for prospective students
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Combine Transfer Equivalency with additional Quottly platform modules for even greater value.

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