Streamline Approvals, Enrollment, and Program Management

Quottly Dual Enrollment enables higher education institutions, school districts, and individual K-12 schools to manage course availability more effectively, automate approval workflows, and make it easy for high school students and counselors to find and register for dual-credit courses that are aligned with degree pathways.

Institutional Innovation

Create Institutional Efficiency

  • Simplify program management with a digital solution that makes it easier to manage course availability for high school students
  • Reduce costs by automating approvals, enrollment, registration, and payment processing
  • Build student pathways that align dual-credit courses with specific program and credential requirements
  • Increase enrollment and retention by building a pipeline of students with a pathway and credits toward on-time completion

Improve Student Success

Improve Student Outcomes

  • Expand academic opportunity by empowering students to pursue a broader array of courses while in high school
  • Deliver a seamless experience that makes it easy to find eligible courses, request approvals, and register, all in one solution
  • Increase on-time completion by ensuring that the courses students take are aligned with their degree pathways

Simplify the Dual Enrollment Experience


Centralize Course Offerings From Multiple Institutions

Provide high school students access to courses from multiple colleges and universities with a seamless search and registration experience.

Control Availability by School, Course, and Section

Control Availability by Course, School & Section

Curate courses that are eligible for dual enrollment, control how and where sections are made available, and reserve seat capacity for high school students.

Route, Track & Log Approvals Automatically

Build on your existing workflows to automatically route, track, and log required approvals from parents/guardians, guidance counselors, and your institution.

Automate Registration

Automate Registration & Enrollment

Leverage Quottly’s ecosystem of secure integrations to automate enrollment, registration, and any required payment processing for high school students.

Real-Time Reporting

Make Informed Decisions With Real-Time Reporting

Analyze course search and enrollment data to identify trends, schedule sections, and optimize resource allocation for your dual enrollment initiative.

Provide Pathways to Graduate Faster

Enable students to choose dual-enrollment courses that align with their desired post-secondary degree pathways and count toward completion requirements.

Deliver a Seamless Student Experience

  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Comprehensive course information
  • Reserved, real-time seat counts
  • Digital approval routing and tracking
  • Automated enrollment and registration
  • Alignment to credential pathways
Dual Enrollment Interface on Tablet

Powered by the Quottly Platform

Designed to improve student success while making your institution more efficient, the Quottly Platform is the only system that enables you to integrate course, program, transfer, and student data across initiatives and institutions.

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