Manage Course Equivalencies More Efficiently & Effectively

Quottly Transfer Articulation Management enables systems, consortia, and institutions to manage course equivalencies more efficiently, automate articulation workflows, and help students see how the courses they take will count toward their academic pathways.

Institutional Innovation

Make the Most of Equivalency Data

  • Create efficiencies by centralizing course and articulation information in a single system
  • Simplify equivalency management by automating course change, evaluation, and approval processes
  • Retain more students and help them stay on track by providing cross registration for transferable courses
  • Attract prospective students by providing transfer pathways to evaluate existing credits

Improve Student Success

Improve the Transfer Experience

  • Prevent credit loss by making up-to-date equivalency data accessible and searchable for existing and prospective students
  • Increase on-time completion by making it easy to find transferable course options to fit busy schedules
  • Build individual pathways that include transferable courses to meet specific program and credential requirements

Make Transfer Articulation More Effective


Centralize Course & Equivalency Information

Leverage Quottly’s ecosystem of secure integrations to automatically import data from multiple sources to create a searchable database of equivalencies.

Automate Articulation Workflows

Automate Articulation Workflows

Save time with automated articulation evaluation, change, and approval workflows that can be tailored to each institution.

Create and Manage Equivalencies

Create & Manage Equivalencies Easily

Include syllabi and notes with equivalencies, simplify faculty reviews with one-click approval or expiration, and track approvals at every step.

Evaluate Changes & Make Updates Quickly

Get notified of new articulations and course changes, compare course information side-by-side, publish updates immediately, and log all changes and reviews.

Automate Registration

Simplify Cross Registration & Enrollment

Build on your existing equivalencies to allow students to automatically enroll, register, and pay for transferable courses across institutions.

Provide Pathways to Graduate Faster

Enable students to find transferable courses across institutions that align to their academic pathways and fulfill degree requirements.

Deliver a Seamless Student Experience

  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Up-to-date equivalencies
  • Comprehensive course information
  • Real-time seat counts
  • Automated registration and enrollment
  • Post-completion grade exchange
  • Interinstitutional credential pathways
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Powered by the Quottly Platform

Designed to improve student success while making your institution more efficient, the Quottly Platform is the only system that enables you to integrate course, program, transfer, and student data across initiatives and institutions.

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