Scale Dual Enrollment Programs & Smooth the Transition to College

Quottly Dual Enrollment enables higher education systems, consortia, and institutions to deliver a unified course discovery and registration experience for dual-credit courses in a dual enrollment or early college program. Make it easy for high school students to find and register for dual-credit courses, smooth the transition to college, and help them finish high school with a pathway and credits earned toward a post-secondary credential.

Improve Student Success

Improve Student Outcomes

Boost student confidence and college readiness, expand academic opportunity, and increase on-time completion.

  • Prevent stopouts and dropouts by building students’ confidence and preparing them for the expectations of college
  • Expand academic opportunity by empowering students to pursue a broader array of courses while in high school
  • Increase on-time completion by helping students get a head start toward achieving post-secondary credential requirements
Institutional Innovation

Increase Enrollment & Retention

Build a pipeline of new students, create efficiencies, and improve time to completion and graduation rates.

  • Increase enrollment pipeline by providing high school students access to college-level classes
  • Reduce costs by automating time-consuming, manual approval processes
  • Improve retention and completion by smoothing students’ transition to college

88% of dual-credit students continue on to college after high school*

* Community College Research Center

Dual Enrollment Callout Graduates

Quottly Dual Enrollment Delivers a Comprehensive, Automated, and Scalable Solution

Flexible Integration & Configuration

Robust Integrations
  • Multi-SIS integration provides real-time data and automates enrollment and registration
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to manage student and counselor access
  • Integrated equivalency data ensures every dual-credit course taken is transferable
  • Automated approval workflow builds on and speeds up your existing processes
  • Configurable look and feel preserves your institutional brand

Easy Implementation & Administration

Implementation and Administration
  • Administrative control lets you decide which courses are available to specific schools
  • Approval tracking provides real-time visibility into status and logs all approvals
  • User administration allows you to assign users to predefined roles
  • Real-time reporting facilitates data-driven enrollment management
  • Quick implementation gets you up and running in days, not months

Seamless Student Experience

  • Powerful search and filtering
  • Comprehensive course and section information
  • Up-to-date transfer equivalencies
  • Real-time seat counts
  • Automated approval routing with one click
  • Automated enrollment and registration upon approval
Dual Enrollment Interface on Tablet

Combine Dual Enrollment with additional Quottly platform modules for even greater value.

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